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Stackpole Electronics Inc (SEI) releases the RC Series - Carbon Composition Resistor

The RC series of carbon composition axial leaded resistors is an outstanding choice for high speed or high energy pulse handling requirements. The large mass of the carbon resistive element efficiently dissipates high energy surge events while the almost negligible inductance allows for higher switching speeds than comparable wirewound resistors. Carbon Comps remain a favorite choice for switch mode power supplies as well as many other snubber and energy dumping applications. The RC is also a popular choice for surge withstanding in meters and data collection devices as well as a variety of lighting products.

The RC series is available in ¼ watt, and ½ watt sizes in resistance values from 1 ohm up to 22 Meg ohm. Standard tolerances are 5% and 10%. Pricing for the RC varies with size, resistance value, and tolerance.

Technical Guide

Storage Conditions:
Temperature: 5 to 35ºC (40 to 95ºF).
Humidity: 25 – 60% relative humidity.
Term: One year in poly-bag with desiccant. If parts are removed from the poly-bag, they should be used immediately or resealed in the bag.
Environment: Clean, dry environment, free of corrosive gases.
Application precautions:
Lead forming: Forming is recommended at least 2mm of farther from the base of the lead.
Soldering: Soldering is recommended at least 4mm or farther from the base of the lead.

Carbon composition resistors are highly hygroscopic and changes in resistance value can occur if too much moisture is absorbed. For this reason it is recommended not to use water or water-soluble solvents to clean these components. Alcohol or hydrocarbon solvents are recommended for rinsing.

How to order:

Please follow the Part Numbering instructions below and look the part number up on our webstore by clicking on the diagram below