As a Fuantronics’ distributor, NAC offers Fuantronics’ full offerings of Magnetics, Cores and Bobbins.

Fuantronics is a sister company and a part of Pairui’s Group. Fuantronics is a global company with its headquarter located in China, with over 800 employees worldwide.

Established in 1986 under the name of Tianchang Huaguang Electronic Co., Ltd… And changed the name of the company in 2002 from Tianchang Huaguang Electronic to Tianchang Fuan Electronic Co., Ltd, dba Fuantronics and expanded the factory at the same time.

Fuantronics’ obtained Certifications: VDE, ISO9001:2008, UL , CQC

Main Products

Encapsulation Transformer
Power Ferrite Transformer
Audio Transformer
Telecom Transformer
Current Transformer
Linear Transformer
Toroidal Power Transformer
Planar Transformer
SMD Inductor
Through-hole Inductor
EMI Filter
CMC Inductor
Color Code Inductor
Frame Core Chokes
Ferrite Core
Iron Powder Core
Alloy Powder Core
Amorphous Powder Core
EMI Core
DIP Bobbin
SMD Bobbin
Encapsulation Bobbin & Case