Central Semiconductor

As a Central Semiconductor distributor, NAC supplies Central Semiconductor's discrete products.

Central Semiconductor is serious about discrete semiconductors. Their business is the pursuit of perfection in the discrete devices they manufacture; the delivery of products; and the service provided; all the time, every time. Discretes are Central Semi’s only business they maintain an extensive inventory so customers don't wait weeks or months for the products they need.


Discrete Devices
Surface Mount
Chip form Devices
End of Life Products

EOL Products

In an effort to better serve our customers, Central Semiconductor will continue to produce devices that have been proclaimed EOL (End of Life) by various manufacturers. By adopting this policy, Central provides the following two valuable advantages:

By continuing to manufacture these devices, Central is helping to insure product viability and extend life cycle without costly and unnecessary redesign.
Eliminate the burdensome and many times costly lifetime buys that are offered as the only alternative to a premature product termination.